My Goals for 2015 !


I know it's been like a week since New Year and everyone is already past setting goals and actually started to take first steps towards accomplishing them (hopefully !). For many years I had a strong tradition on the 31st of December - before starting celebration, I sat in a quite place, opened an envelope with last years resolutions and then wrote down a list of new resolutions, goals and dreams for next year. Some of them were very concrete, some quite vague and based on feelings - some made me laugh, some made me want to cry (like rewriting "get my driver's licence" four times ... and again this year too !). 

Just before New Year I was told that I am doing it all wrong because new goals should be set in a NEW year, so on first days of January I wrote down few things I would like to accomplish in 2015. This time they are very precise so there will be no doubt in evaluation whether I did them or not, plus I let enough free space for wonderful miracles that life will bring me !

Sharing with you my goals for 2015 :

1. Get Driver's Licence 

Finally !!! I am tired of rewriting this goals every new year, so hopefully thi is the last time !

2. Learn French

First of all, accomplish all levels at Duolingo (I already have started !). By the way, this is such a great website - it offers to learn most popular languages for free, offering typing, translation, listening, speaking (yes, with microphone ! and then you get feedback on pronunciation ! ). Totally hooked up by this site !

3. Read Books

Min 1 book per month but ideally all books from my list. I will update you on my current reading choices in Happy Details editions !

4. Travel

More precisely - visit my friends in Denmark and UK and in perfect circumstances - go to Paris too, as this is my long time wish.

5. Renew PEOPLE posts

In a video or written form - I do not know yet (but need to decide soon !). I truly love hearing people's stories, views and thoughts - we are all so different and interesting and this is the best inspiration to move forward, be brave and pursue dreams !

6. Move to a New Apartment

I am not complaining anyhow about my current living situation (as I actually have recently moved) but the Earth is spinning and we need to move along and progress all the time ! Stepping higher with every move and every decision !

I hope you have a clear vision of your path in 2015 ! Wishing you superpowers to accomplish all what you dream of ! Today is also Orthodox Christmas, so I am wishing you happiness, love, health and great mood ! Hugs & kisses, my dears !