Happy Details #24

This was one busy week, I must say ! Suddenly opportunities just poped up one after another and I even felt overtired at some point. Guess after a month of free schedule I lounged myself and now it is time to gather myself back ! February is a very special month for me as it is Peppercakes birthday month ! Not celebrating yet but starting to feel little festive vibe inside. I am very happy to see how the blog has grown and changed but being a never-stopping person, I always find something to correct, reinvent or add. Today, let's start with little changes in Happy Details section !

This week's highlights :

The Work


I have worked in different positions on filming sets but I guess Makeup Dep is one of my favourites ! Preparing TV hosts for a photoshoot (outside, in cold and snow but somehow it was more fun that sounds !).


And of course my favourite spot - in front of a camera !! Managed to do couple of commercials !

The Book


When I read Stanislavsky, I thought - that was it ! But Ivana Chubbuk takes the old recipe and makes it modern and adapted for filming too. If you visit Ivana Chubbuk site, you will be amazed to see the list of actors she was couching - Brad Pitt, Jim Carrey, Halle Berry, Kate Hudson ...

The Video

In between Ready-to-wear fashion weeks twice a year, there are less loud but even more exquisite happenings - Haute Couture fashion shows. Unbelievable level of craftsmanship and patience is required to make this unique beauty.

The Link

Jaded London Streetswear presented their new collection in a futuristic way - check their promo video !

The Buy


I've heard so much about Inglot cosmetics but never really got to try it, so finally I needed to refill my makeup case and decided to do it there. Not telling you much now, as I am planning to make few makeup related posts soon, but, well, let me just say - I was not disappointed at all 

The Yummie


Tea with fresh fruits - the bigger cup, the better ! Warming up after photoshoot in summer dress (see pic above) on open balcony.

The Song

Accidentally watched a very stupid comedy but at least found this positive song !

Have a peaceful rest of Sunday ! Sending you lots of love !