Happy 1-year Birthday, Peppercakes !


Photo by : Miks Ramāns

OMG I almost can not believe that it's been a whole year since I launched the blog !! It all started with just a tiny idea, followed by many doubts and concerns because I had never built up anything on the web and did not have a room-sized wardrobe or 5-floor makeup cupboard. But whenever I imagined opening up my blog page, writing articles and posting pictures, I felt so inspired and willing for action. So, I dared to try, cause anyways it wouldn't cost me anything, and there wasn't a single minute when I regretted following my desire !

I am beyond grateful to all amazing people who took part in creating Peppercakes during this year. First of all, the biggest thank you to my Mom and sister Laila for their support and faith in my vision on those dark days in January 2014.

Millions of thank yous to Miks Ramāns - you have become half of Peppercakes, creating beautiful pictures and bringing my vision to life. Thank you for squeezing photoshoots in your busy schedule and late night editing, for listening to my uncontrolled and unforeseen mumbling about new post ideas and for always being with me ! 

Enormous thank you, Viktorija Mironova, for everything you are in my life - my best friend, supporter, encourager, inspiration and also work partner. I love what you do and just hope for more of our work together !

Thank you, Aleksandr Sugak and Artyom Vidzmesky, you were here at the most important time - in the beginning, taking pictures of my first looks and filming videos. Thank you, Ausra Midveryte, for supplying us with foody-beauty recipes and for being always such a smiling person ! Thank you, Edvards Kukainis, for snapping my outfits and giving advice on posing ! Thank you, Elīna Pūce for occassionally playing with my makeup ! Thank you, Anastasia & Katherine Drozdovich for expanding my style limits - working with you is always such a pleasure ! Thank you, Ermins Baltais, for making me climb on a table wearing heels while filming video - hope we will have more of these moments ! 

I would also like to express big thank you to all brands we've been collaborating with : Viktorija Mironova Design, De'Žavu Vintage Boutique Latvia, Eduardo Cattus, Uoga Uoga, Kichy Kuko, NYX Cosmetics, Mohito; as well as : Deniss Pashkevich, Dace Krieviņa - Bahmane, Diāna Kubasova and Anna Panna.

Finally, thank you, all my friends, who were forced to stand behind a camera from time to time and thank you to everyone who participated anyhow in creation of Peppercakes - you are so many and I want to hug all of you ! People, you are so amazing, you can not even imagine how important all of you are to me and to Peppercakes ! Sending my love and all the sweetest wishes !