Happy Details #27

There is a song which says "... there is no big happiness, just small lucks" and truth it is - even the biggest win does not feel like fortune as long as our closest people congratulated us. This week went by calm and quite - there were no big events or major changes. I knowingly try to slow my life tempo and spend less time scrolling through social media which feels SO GOOD. Never know until you try !

This week's happy highlights :

The Book


In world where so much cruelty happens each day, is it wrong to be nice ? The book says that there is no right or wrong behaviour -  everything depends on personal feelings. Though we are expected and taught to be good people, sometimes our niceness makes us do things we do not want to and leaves us in an unhappy place. Bottom line - identify situations where you are not acting by your inner will and learn to say "no !" because you have all the rights to do it !

The Movie

I love old Hollywood movies with magnificent actresses. Every movie with Audrey Hepburn was such an inspiration ! So this evening I planned to spend on Roman Holiday.

The Video

Only a year ago I learnt how to say Givenchy correctly (but still every time I come across this name, I laugh inside my head on the old pronunciation, hah). 

The Buy

Bloggers Do It Better # sweatshirt by Mango was my long awaited present for Peppercakes 1-year birthday ! My new go-to uniform is set.

The Yummie


Just a random pop in Tortes Fabrika to have some hachepuri which turned out to be very popular and sold out so we ended up eating ma-any other yummies !

The Detail


Loved how iBar served cappuccino in a glass !

The Link

This Article made me smile - absurdly obvious and amusing advice are mixed with deep and serious ones. 

The Song

The cover sounds so different from the original but still as enjoyable - Sofia rocks !

Have a great Sunday ! Sending you lots of love !