Happy Details #28

Happy first day of spring ! Beyond my window is grey sky which makes me want to do nothing. And because it is Sunday, I think I will follow my desire, hah. February went by very fast and maybe it's good because spring is here - no matter of weather outside, I feel it and hope you do too !

This week I tried PIYO - Pilates and yoga mixture - which didn't seem complicated but made my muscles sore for 2 days ! Besides, this week was also about :

The Work


Skin white as snow and lips red as blood - casting for a Snow White role ! I've been playing Snow White for several years in a row in Christmas plays at school so this princess is really close to me. Wish me luck - waiting for casting results !!

The Book


I literally swallowed the book in few days despite the fact that it is written in ancient-style language and shuttered my confidence in English knowledge. Some simple truth about fattening your purse and growing wealth are revealed through tales and stories. The part of all you earn is yours to keep. 

The Movie

Passionate love story, crime and murder, investigation and romantic triangle - the movie has it all ! I can not stop adoring the charm of old movies (and happy end, of course !).

The Video

You just have to see it !!!

The Yummie


For the first time I tried sushi with meat - ones with chicken and ones with bacon. It tasted weird. I am staying by fish-sushi !

The Link

Every time I think of someone anything bad, life forces me to get to know the person and proves that I was so-o wrong. We may judge celebrities and dislike their actions but after reading interviews like this where little bit of inner thoughts, feelings and dreams are revealed, there is no way we do not feel human connection to those on pedestal. 

The Song

Thank you for reading and for for your kind comments ! Wish you super-nice first day of spring ! Sending my love !