Happy Details #25

Hello, February ! For me this is the most tiring month because I am already sick of cold weather, puffy clothing, dark days and there are no celebrations with colourful lights and baked yummies. The time when I start really wanting spring to come but there is a feeling that it is far away. Nevertheless, I am working on my ability to appreciate all little things in my everyday life that make me smile and it helps to boost the mood ! 

This week was all about :

The Work


There were couple of evenings that incorporated lots of makeup, dancing and even flying (spoiler !!). I am not allowed to disclose pictures of filming set but as soon as the video experiences premiere, I will share it ! Right now bounding with the picture of mini-mini camera found on a shelf on one of the filming locations.

The Movie

I would place Birdman movie on a shelf near Matrix - I cannot say that I liked it and it's not the re-watching movie on lazy weekends but there is definitely something in it that attracts and makes you think about about life in general and human mind in a larger sense. No regrets for watching (and btw 9 Oscar nominations).

The Book


Basically the book states that "there is an inbuilt imbalance between causes and results, inputs and outputs, and effort and reward". 80/20 relationship means that "80 percent of outputs result from 20 percent of inputs; that 80 percent of consequences flow from 20 percent of causes; or that 80 percent of results come from 20 percent of effort”. And btw, the author reminds that 80% of information is held in 20% of book pages, so reading only summaries of each chapter is pretty ok.

The Link

Can't choose a laptop ? Try to search through Productchart ! Though I do not need one right now, the whole idea of this chart is very amusing !

The Buy


Red plaid tartan scarf - found on winter sales in Lindex. Love to put it on head like granny-style. 

The Yummie


Cheescake Brownie (I wanted to write every word in caps lock, haha) tastes so-o heavenly ! You can find them baked from natural and local ingredients in Mū Cafe.

The Detail


Do you remember back in school, how we were thought writing a postcard ?  First time in my life I sent a real postcard from my hometown to a friend living abroad. Hope that this post will not spoil the surprise !

The Song

Actually, not just one song but the whole Begin Again OST playlist is what I've been constantly listening to for past ... 4(?!) days If you haven't seen the movie yet, then I highly suggest it on a home-alone evening - and do not be afraid of drama - there is much music and a very, very happy end !

Are you capturing amusing, funny, interesting things that you see ? You might think that you will remember them but I dare you to take pictures throughout a week and make your own Happy Details edition ! Tell me if you tried or are you doing it already ? I guarantee happiness level up ! Hugs & kisses, my dear Friends !