Happy Details #30

Ho-ho-ho looks like Happy Details posts switched to Mondays ! Last Sundays were so relaxed and chill - I spent them with my boyfriend, family, friends and couldn't get myself in front of computer. I love to work - it can make me happy ! But switching off and spending time with our beloved ones is very special time which reboots inner system and charges batteries. Funny how we can power up each other with no energy decrease for anyone. The magic of people.

This weeks specials :

The Book

First Audiobook in my life ! Absolutely loved the way of combining listening and doing stuff. Let's just say that my apartment got big 3-hour cleanup. The book is very simple but once again serves as a great reminder of positive thinking. 

The Video

Valentino FW 15/16 Show was the most highlighted topic on Paris Fashion Week theme and probably you already saw the epic ending. But I suggest to watch the whole show too to enjoy beautiful collection (and imagine like you are sitting on a front row).

The Buy

Red Sweater from some vintage shop which I accidentaly poped in. "How can you ACCIDENTALY enter a shop ?!" I was asked afterwards. Girls, really how can we ?? Simple, cozy and super cheap (less than 1 euro - hurraaaay !!) - maybe I finally got my shopping luck.

The Yummie

Vegan Lunch at Terra - I opted for pearl barley, paprika sauce (bit spicy), champignons (weird taste - still can't decide wether I liked them), beets, belly pepper, topped with spring onions and malt grains. There is also variety of meaty dishes and all of them has the same price - equal treatment for meat lovers, vegetarian friends and those who decided to fast before Easter. So delicious that I wouldn't mind getting back to vegetarian path !

The Link

Interview with Karl Lagerfeld in The New York Times made me think about wearing furs once again. At the beginning I agreed to his point - as long as we have butcher shops full of dead animal pieces, why do we bother about fur coats ? Killing is the same on both sides. But then again, different animals are used for furs and this is not such a necessity as food. OMG, I feel like I will be thinking about this for some time ...

The Song

I-watch-Glee-and-I-like-it. Sue is cool, why do she sings so rarely ?!

Have a cool week, dear Friends ! Work, relax and enjoy the spring ! Follow me on Twitter (@PeppercakesBlog) and Instagram (@lindenee) for inspirational quotes and picturesque moments !