Happy Details #31

It's Sunday evening and time to bundle up all the most interesting, inspiring and happy moments of past seven days. This week was pretty hectic - my best friend flied in, I got a last minute invite to RFW opening, new introductions and old catch-ups when I was too excited to remember taking camera with me. So I was very glad to be able to spend this Sunday just cuddling in bed, reading a book and drinking coffee with condensed milk. 

This week was all about : 

The Work / The Mood

RFW Linda Arturs.gif

"Girls just know how to take selfies" - well, I can't disagree that we are natural at this, hah. Goofing around with Arturs Mednis while at Riga Fashion Week opening night

The Book

Currently reading Pictures of Lily by Page Toon. An impossible love that might work out in the end - I've been attached to the book for whole day. Fingers crossed for Lily and Ben finally getting together after 10 years !!

The Movie

Mr. Nobody (2009) starring Jared Leto was once again one of my put-on-Matrix-shelf kind of movies. Visually very beautiful, it makes you follow the multiplex story from not understanding a thing until opening chakras to new life insights.

The Video

Labs of Latvia is our local startup platform which shows successful illustrations how new ideas met investors. Btw, very amusing video !

The Buy


White Knitted Jumper by Atmosphere - my lucky find in an outlet shop for less than 2 euros !!

The Yummie


Turn out that we have Ghetto Burger in 3 min walk from our house ! I admit that at the beginning I was a little sceptical because in my imagination the name entailed a shady, smoked place serving suspicious meat BUT omg, I couldn't be more wrong ! The place is very stylish - including my interior crush of brick walls and black furniture. Burgers were amazingly tasty - qualitative meat, fresh veggies and whole grain bread. The only minus - I was not able to eat the whole portion ... but that is more of my fault, ha.

The Detail


Wedding Invitation - yes, yes, yes ! Since I attended a wedding last summer, I secretly hope to be on a one ( at least) every summer. This one is very special because my very best girlfriend is getting married and I am super excited to finally live through day we've been (occasionally) talking since khem 16 (?!).

The Link

A Day Without Internet  - I suggest to read this article and try it because I am going to do it too ! Though it feels little scary. Recently I tried to decrease my social media time and that feels better than I could imagined !

The Song

Loud by Makree ft. Dvines - so catchy, it replays in my head for whole day. These girls are so talanted, I can't get enough ! Recently, they've filled in the questionnaire, so if you missed it - press HERE.

I hope you recharged your batteries this weekend and are ready for a productive and energetic newt week ! And now off to "Dancing with the Stars" ...