Happy Details #32

Here I am again on Monday evening with my usual Sunday wrap-up. Busy (lazy) me ! It's not like I was rehearsing for a Broadway musical 10 hours per day but still all little things sum up and make days full and mind tired. Though once again I come to a conclusion that it's all about priorities - making time for actions and people in your life. We never have enough money for EVERYTHING we wish for, so since early age parents teach us to make a choice - which one ice cream flavour, which one head band, which one doll... The same rule applies to another scarce resource - TIME, so let's choose wisely and plan only happy activities in our life !

Last week was all about :

The Work

We were shooting video for Viktorija Mironova Design SS16 collection preview ! You can read how I forgot to take my camera with me HERE, as well as check few backstage pics !

The Book


Currently reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I officially joined the Grey Club and been glued to screen for a whole weekend. Looking forward to watch the movie after finishing the book !

The Movie

We actually made the honour to Spongebob and went to cinema to watch it on a big screen. One and a half hour of total relaxation, laughter and absolute vanish in childhood memories.

The Video

I have never been pranks fan, but this one made me laugh loud. Or maybe I just recognised myself behind the wheel (obviously the first part, hah).

The Yummie


Tried Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows at City Diner - yumyum !

The Detail


I love witty quotes hang in frames - I wish I could print all my Pinterest pictures and decorate room / office ! This one is hanging in Annas Dārzs / Annas Garden.

The Link

Do you ever wonder what is a typical day for a celebrity beyond red carpets, parties and interviews ? Reading the interview with designer Isabel Marant proves that all of us are just humans and even stars do not receive nonstop spotlight ! 

The Song

Guess who is totally into Dancing with the Stars ?

Have a super-duper cool week, dear Friends !