5 Ways to Be Happy without Money

We try and strive for promotions, raises, success - more of everything we already have. Unfortunately, no matter how big is our balance in bank account, we never feel that it's enough. Because somebody at the same time earns, has, does more and it means that it is possible for us too, so not having the same speed makes us feel ... loosery (?!).

Recently I felt unhappy and asked myself : "why ?". I want to have much more clothes in my spring wardrobe, I want to seriously shop at Make Up For Ever, I want the Marc Jacobs purse, I want to live in an apartment closer to the centre - all the things I do not have enough money for right now. So much I do not have. So minutia. I felt embarrassed after thinking this and, believe me, I feel uncomfortable writing this now. So then I started to wonder what makes person happy and how much does it cost ? 

1. Be the best of who you are

Smiling, saying thank you, complimenting people - it does not cost anything. I know, it's hard stay in positive mood when all you think about is notebook full things you want and don't have. But when you will get all those possessions, you will still be the same person with feelings, emotions and mood swings. Bad mood will not brighten up by starring at your newest iPhone ! (But wouldn't it be great if it worked like that ??)

2. Do the best you can

When you put all you honest effort in anything, it does give you the feeling of accomplishment which is one of the best feelings ever (yes ?). Working your best in big projects will surely get you higher scores but even putting effort in everyday activities will make you feel nice. Why not put your sandwich on a plate, make a cup of tea and enjoy 10 min break by the window instead of eating up in front of a computer ?   

3. Relax

A person can't be happy when stressed. Yes, money could help you at this point by allowing some luxuries like SPA & massage. But even on a retreat, our brain can run through millions of stressed thoughts. The challenge is to remain constant level of harmony in body and mind all the time, and this takes more of inner strengths than banknotes.

4. Talk

And I do not mean here complaining on your unreachable wishlist (we will get all those things anyways, right ?). Call your friends, stay in touch with family, stop to chat with acquaintances - really listen to them, ask questions and you might be surprised how warm and inspired you will feel afterwards. True friendships and loving relationships can't be bought with no money.

5. DIY

Through teenage and student years my budget was going up and down in quite a big range. I don't know if it's just me, but I noticed that earning decent salary makes me uncreative because I can buy what I want - so why do spend energy on doing (&cooking) ? However, when my income is running low, I suddenly find myself making gifts with my own hands, cooking funny dishes from leftovers in fridge and decorating room with paper snowflakes. Acknowledge all of what you have and try to think of new ways to use it !

I wish all of you to live in prosperity and most important - appreciate what you have ! Let's start now by being and doing the best of ourselves and maybe we will understand that actually we do not need that much ... (except Marc Jacobs purse, surely).