Happy Details #29

The spring is here and this is one huge pot of happiness, isn't it ? The air, the sun, the light coats and shoes - I want to go out and just walk under rays of sunlight for hours (which I did yesterday, btw !). Recently I've been thinking a lot about life - well, to be precise, I felt like those thought just came into my mind and started twirling. I shared some of them HERE and was surprised about such a positive feedback because at the beginning I felt shy about opening so private cupboard of my mind ... but it was worth it ! So thank you very much !

This week was all about :

The Mood


Happy Women's Day ! We were so lucky that 8th of March was super sunny and hit the records of warmth ! Every other women / girl in the city was carrying tulips in hands - such a pleasure that men remember to congratulate and gratify us. Thank you, men !

The Work


The week was spent in a makeup mood. The dance video project I've already mentioned before has experienced the premiere together with live performance. Every time I work with dancers is amazing because they have this unstoppable energy flowing and watching them move with music is breathtaking !

The Book

My guilty pleasure - novels. There were summer when I hit local library few times per month to get some romantic girly books. I wanted to read something light, without life-changing advice and found this book lying in depth of iBook shelfs. If you are following celebrity gossips, you might recognise some stars beneath changed names.

The Movie

Two Night Stand is a classic rom-com, the movie you'd probably be bored watching with company but it suits a lonely evening very well. 

The Video

The man without a cellphone and a girl who is feeling trapped in huge attachment to social networks but can't do anything to change her behaviour. Right now I am trying to decrease my time spent scrolling through New Feeds and honestly, it feels so-o good ! And the biggest fear of missing out something is just an illusion.  

The Yummie


Charlie Pizza - the greenest pizza I've ever seen. Very simple recipe - cheese, spinach, rucola and shrimps but tastes delizioso !

The Detail


My name in movie credits (if you're happy and you know it clap your hands - clap, clap ! ). Exactly a year ago (omg, how time flies !) I was working in movie production of Мамы 3 - New Year's tale of three mothers stucked in a small town in Poland due to forced landing. A comedy full of touching moments, life lessons, labour and of course love !

The Link

30 reasons to move to France mostly include food delights - croissants, crepes, baguettes, cheese, wine and so on BUT isn't it enough ? Ok, just kidding - France 35-hour workweek and 5-week paid holiday a year. Plus the language is like soft cotton candies for my ears. Are we packing yet ?

The Song