Happy Details #34

This week honestly felt a lot longer than seven days -  can't believe that Catholic Easter & Miks' birthday just on Monday ! There were celebrations (& relaxation from them), work and weekend with couple unplanned events which I am going to tell you next week. Though I feel more tired than I wished, finally my productive mood is back and I can't wait for Monday to come !

This week was all about :


THE MOOD/ Firstly, Happy Easter to all Orthodox people ! Living in a Catholic-Orthodox family has advantage of double holidays so we were eating coloured eggs this weekend too !

THE BOOK/ Currently reading The Woman I Wanted To Be by Diane Von Frustenberg. I am always amazed by different life stories and celebrities biographies are special kind of inspiration.


THE BUY/ I was looking for a white shirt and found this one in Reserved. It has very nice cotton touch, elongated silhouette and small reflective buttons for more ladylike look. Feels so fresh and crisp - perfect for a workday !  


THE YUMMIE/ Greek salad at Ghetto Burger came on a perfect timing - after Saturday's morning Pilates (go-go fitmood !!). Everything there is so-o delicious !

THE VIDEO/ I still do not understand what's the buzz of Kardashians but let's admit - Kim is beautiful and actually nice. I think I will continue where paused - on S03.

THE LINK/ How To Eat Whatever You Want Without Gaining Weight - are you thinking of some miracle discoveries, like me ? Be amazed how simple and well-known these advice are ! So why don't we stop eating when feeling full ?!


THE DETAIL/ Ligo Bazar in Kauguri - an indoor shopping centre which is designed as a market but 100 times better than real ones because it is clean and smells nicely. 

THE SONG/ Pray To God by Calvin Harris ft. HAIM was my ultimate Saturday's soundtrack (does one song count as a soundtrack ?!) and as unexpected as it hit me, it disappeared.