Happy Details #35

This week's Happy Details surely lacks new pictures, as well as my Instagram (@lindenee) - whining smiley face here. For a whole week I was mostly working on computer and there is not much of interesting detailing one can find on the same desk. But still I am overaly happy for new projects I am a part of ! My new challenge will be combining work life & personal life, because being a crazy workaholic, I get swept up in anything I do. #goodthatisbad

This week was all about :


THE WORK included long hours in front of the screen which made my brain melt, and this is the reason I haven't showed you all pictures I wanted this week. Nevertheless, working on new projects is so exciting and fulfilling that tiredness at the end of the day is totally worth it! 


THE BOOK I am still reading from previous week is The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von FrustenbergI adore honesty with which she tells about her feelings, regrets and happy moments. 

THE MOVIE I watched this week was Heartbeats / Les Amours Imaginaires by Xavier Dolan. It was on my watchlist since my friend wrote her bachelor thesis on this movie director (who is by the way only in his mid-twenties and already has quite full IMDB profle). 

THE VIDEO is more practical than aesthetical. In simple words it explains which pictures, videos, music and other creations we can use and to what extend. I even draw licence signs in my notebook and wrote down their meanings.


THE BUY wasn't made this week but still is one of my latest favourite pieces - faux leather pleated midi skirt. It incorporates everything I love right now and is also perfect for our current chilly - rainy weather.  


THE YUMMIE we indulged on Friday evening was hot sushi (if I could eat it every diner... mm). Unfortunately my phone died and unexpectedly I've lost charger so no pics of food (crying face).


THE DETAIL which actually is not small at all - the biggest popcorn bag I've ever seen ! Yum-Yum.

THE LINK that is so funny and so true - only girls will understand the deep inner conflict of going out makeup free.

THE SONG Seasons by Olly Murs makes me sing along whenever I hear it (very often on the radio and even more often on my playlist, ha).

Have a peaceful Sunday, dear Friends ! Enjoy the sun that shines outside, eat your favourite yummie and delight yourself with something nice that will give you energy for whole next week !