Happy Details #36

Hey, guys, I can't process that next week is May - can you ?! However, it is my favourite month of a whole year and I remember how I made a resolution for myself last year : enjoy the May to its fullest which means spending as much time as possible outside. Every year I was so frustrated that first really sunny and warm days were spent studying for end of school year tests and later university exams, that I even planned to take vacation from any job I will be doing in May 2015. I think I will not go this extreme though I am definitely planning on more outside activities !

This week was all about :

THE WORK was hard but the result is so pleasing - my first article published in Shape Latvia magazineI am sharing my experience of waking up with sunrise - all positive & negative things + tips if you decide to try !

THE MOVIE The Imitation Game tells  true story of cracking Enigma code during the World War II. At the beginning I was scared of dreadful fight scenes but the whole movie is unrealistically colourful and stylish, making a war look less horrible and more romantic than it ever was. 

THE VIDEO explores egg dishes in 20 countries - who could imagine that there are more ways to cook eggs than just scramble or omelette ? 


THE YUMMIE at Terra Restaurant - tomato soup and super nourishing mix of beef, roasted potatoes, beans and veggies. After this delicious lunch I honestly skipped dinner and ate only late breakfast the next day.


THE DETAIL as small as mobile app Moves I've been using for past few weeks. It automatically follows all your movements (no switching on / off) and shows them on map with data on total walked / cycled / run distance, time & calories burnt. I don't even think about it during the day and then next morning notification pops on the screen telling all data on yesterdays moves !

THE LINK to article about bloggers burnout is applicable to each and every working person. It focuses on heart - kidney relationship (Shen - Zhi) and suggest practical and easy ways to get yourself into balance.

THE SONG that got my attention to Us The Duo was Taylor Swift cover Shake It Off but these guys are amazing, aren't they ? I'm all about their covers tonight.

Hope you are doing amazing ! Sending you my love !