Happy Details #33


Happy Easter, dear Friends ! Hope your had a wonderful time with your beloved once, eaten many eggs and enjoyed the blessing of today's sun ! I am happy to be living in a diverse family which celebrates both catholic and orthodox holidays, so I was just warming up today, hah ! This week was more about resting - chilling as I actually did not do much but happen to go out more than usually. I am definitely enjoying my new bike, whom I pulled out even on rainy days (poor white buddy).

This week was all about :

The Work


Selfie from the filming set - I was happy to be a small part of new advertisement for a big shopping centre. You may find hint in the photo. The video is going to be very beautiful and glamorous, can't wait to see it ! 

The Book


Still caught in Fifty Shades of Grey - I'm on a finish line right now, so looking forwrd to finally watch the move next week !

The Video

 And I always thought that models do not think when marching on runaways ... By the way, Marc by Marc Jacobs is merging back to just Marc Jacobs.

The Buy


Denim shirt by Reserved - finally I found the one which is soft enough, long, free but not too baggy. 90's child is going to wear all denim !

The Yummie


Easter eggs are surely highlight dish of the week - I do not even dare to announce anything else. My eggs lost all battles this morning, what about yours ?

The Link

The Cutest Animals just because it's Easter weekend and we're all about bunnies anyways, right ? 

The Song

It wasn't until I started reading The Grey Book that Ellie Gooulfing's Love Me Like You Do pressed into my brain and heart. I can even imagine which scene it accompanies perfectly ...

Wishing you cheerful holidays and amazing next week ! Lots of love and sunshine !