Happy Details #38

First of all, I would like to congratulate my lovely, amazing, wonderful Mom on Mother's Day ! Only while growing up I start to really understand and appreciate hard work of raising children and admire the woman who gave this life. This morning pleased us with rays of sun and summery warmth, however the most epic moment for me was smell of after-rain air tonight. Today I truly felt that summer is approaching and it is a one wonderful feeling !

This week was all about :

THE WORK - article for magazine UNA. I was so excited conducting my first real interview and thanks to gorgeous stylist Anita Altmane it turned out to be great ! I am always very fascinated with people's stories and sneaking into their closets reveals such a big part of personality.

THE MOVIE I put on watchlist this week is documentary about extraordinary woman Iris Apfel. Hopefully, next week...

THE VIDEO in anticipation of approaching weeding season. IKEA offers to get married online. Nice gesture for those couples whose relatives are spread across the world and have no chance to attend the ceremony but I hope that it will not become a trend and stay just for special occasions.


THE BUY made thanks to The Body Shop client days discounts. I was lending this foundation from my sister few times and really liked the coverage and texture, so I decided to purchase Moisture Foundation by The Body Shop for myself too because my NYX HD Foundations are convincingly going to an end.


THE YUMMIE I already shared on my Instagram (@lindenee) - new dish on Tokyo City's menu called Salmon Turnedo. It is basically salmon filled with shrimps and cheese, served with baked potatoes - deliciouuus !


THE DETAIL - pink, bell-shaped tulips for my beloved, amazing Mom !

THE LINK to Raptitude's article about excess in our lives, particularly in food consumption section. I think I'm sharing (almost) every new article but I am a fan of this blog !

THE SONG back to classics

Wishing you amazing next week - do what you love and love what you do ! Kisses !