About Fame


I remembered how as a kid I was obsessively taking interviews from all my family members and friends and making my own handwritten  magazines. Now I am writing for real magazines - my childhood dream came to life. Though I was not aiming for it, I was never serious about writing. I did not even consider studying journalism and work in magazines came as a saviour during hard times. I was jobless, lost in my desires and a friend suggested to try writing for magazines - as I was already writing my blog. I had nothing to loose (seriously, my bank account could not get any lower back then) and I tried. From the first article I loved the process and seeing my name printed above my words and thoughts that are read by thousands of people, was purely amazing. 

If one dream happened, what if others do it too ? TV-host? Actress? Homeopath? (for last one - serious HA-HA). Thinking about it, for a moment I felt like I will definitely live a great life, that will be worth interviews. Just like I am listening to wonderful people stories now, someday somebody will get inspiration from me and my life journey. This thought led me to another one.

Blogger / TV-host / Actress / Journalist / etc. - all of them are spotlight professions. And if nothing of this happens, is it possible that my life will still be GREAT ? When we are searching personalities for interviews, we are firstly looking for popular persons. Somehow our brain constructed this connection that popular persons are interesting and lead great lives. Because they are FAMOUS. But they are human beings as everybody else and have 24-hours a day which they divide between work, family and leisure time. The only difference is that their work includes being seen / heard by wide audience. In contrary to a hardworking neighbourhood school teacher who is seen only by 30 kids in a class she is teaching - though the impact she does on new generation is worth applause.I bet she has a story to tell too.

For a long time I was one of the big part of young people who dreamt of fame which in my mind equalled great, interesting, fulfilled life. Now I doubt it. Surely, stars are personalities worth noticing and their lives are packed with events and experiences. But what counts are lessons we learn, problems we solve and growth we live through. Sadly, many not-famous people consider themselves too ordinary and can not even realise how great their lives are, and even more sadly that surrounding people diminish their accomplishments just because they lack this one factor - fame. 

In a time when a person can become famous overnight through internet, where all actual buzz is going on, there is not much worth left to popularity. It can be boosted, bought and stamped on brains by constant reappearance, so I ask myself - what is the point ? Is popularity adding special value to person’s life ? Is it acceptance of crowd that silences our inner self-doubts ? Most of time, fame brings money and it changes physical world around - house to live in, car to drive (or be driven by a personal driver), clothing to wear, food to eat, events to attend and so on. But the person stays the same - with own character, with past baggage and insecurities. 

I am not calling everyone to burn their wallets and go to woods. I still think that money is a wonderful resource which should be used smart, and it comes to those who are able to manage it wisely (but this is a whole other topic !). About fame - it is another amazing resource because it allows to influence, inspire and actually make a change. 

Fame should be deserved, not aimed for.