Happy Details #40

Hello, dear people ! Is your Sunday = funday ? I hope so because mine is (will be when I finally get to work) filled with work. I always plan to wake up early and start DOING THINGS but mornings are not my friends. Coffee is my friend, though. For last few weeks I've been hitting snooze for at least 4 time each morning which means minus 40 minutes of daily routine that leads to 400% of rush and stress. That's why I haven't met breakfast for a long time, sorry pal. Still weekends feel like a reason to relax and even work goes in a more chill mood. I think that what I miss the most in busy days is reading books, so this week there are none in the list.

This week was all about :

THE MOVIE I recommend this week is a British TV show "Hustle". I know, it's not an actual movie but one episode goes for an hour and there are only 6 in each season. British style. An engaging plot is wonderfully shot in eye-pleasing locations, so it will be delightful to watch for film professionals too.

THE VIDEO of 29 ways to stay creative - sometimes the most simple things are the most helpful when you're out of inner batteries.

THE BUY again from The Body Shop - Sweet Lemon Shower Gel & shower sponge. Actually, it was a present for my previous buys, because it is taken away from stores. 

THE YUMMIE I was telling literally EVERYONE since Thursday evening (sorry, people) - vegetarian & vegan candies and cakes from restaurant Buddha. I've been obsessed with then since their new menu presentation (read more HERE) and feel like going on a second trip ve-ery soon.


THE DETAIL that made me melt - inscription on a small vase. So unexpectedly sweet - "I love you to the moon and back". Found in restaurant Buddha.

THE PRODUCT I've been keen to try since I got it at Dr. Hauschka evening - Dr. Haushcka Foundation No.01. I wanted to try it on a weekend because I was afraid of any bad skin reactions (like that one time when I used by break during a workday to stroll through shops and tried a natural foundation. After five minutes felt like my skin was burning - but I bet it was because the tester was old !). Right now, I am sitting happily covered in Dr.Hauschka, feeling pretty pretty. I applied it with fingertips, though it is better to use a brush. The formula looked quite dense at the beginning but it blended with skin very well and I even put a second layer to cover little red spots on my cheeks. For your notice, the lightest colour 01 is not so winter pale and it might be little too dark for Snow whites. To sum up, I loved the product and taking into account its natural ingredients, I am putting it into my shopping list.

THE LINK worth reading is interview with Anja Rubik. World famous Polish model chats about her beauty routines, favourite food and perfect night out.

THE SONG does not matter this time - I found a new band that does covers - Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox. They are so positive and cool.

Enjoy the sun, the May and each other ! Hugs & kisses !