Happy Details #41

When I am writing Happy Details on Monday instead of Sunday, it means that my usual calm end of the week was busy. This time fortunately it was busy with very pleasant evening ride to the beach, which opened my personal summer season.

Otherwise, I was pretty lazy on taking pictures this week and without them it is very hard to remember all little happy moments - bless you, iPhone. Some say that Instagramming all and everything is inappropriate but on the other hand, when you look back on Insta feed or just photo gallery, there is always a smile, because every picture is filled with joy, love or some special positive emotion. So I say YES to taking pics on every corner if you see sunshine there !

This week was all about : 

THE MOVIE Age of Adelaine was beautiful, heart-touching and yes, stylish. I can't help my love for romantic movies as much as I can't help occasional tear falling from corner of my eyes. And I want to find all looks of Adelaine. Don't know what for, yet.

THE VIDEO morning stretch routine by POP Pilates is easy and quick for even a workday morning (I've tried and added this to my perfect morning routine !). It helps to awaken body in a very kind way and is especially good for those who ride a bike or walk long distances in the morning.


THE YUMMIE - first strawberries I ate this season, thanks to my Mom! 


THE DETAIL - sunset on the beach. My first time this season - now summer has started for me !

THE LINK to article on BoredPanda - 15 mini horses . They are so unbelievably cute !!

THE SONG Love Injected by Aminta that was presented at Eurovision and got 6th place (congrats !). Though I am not a fan of this whole thing for many years already, the song is on my playlist and let's admit the video is supercool. 

Happy 1st of June and let your beginning of summer be wonderful !