Happy Details #44 & #45

Last week I skipped Happy Details (crying face). I love to reflect on events that happened during week looking through pictures on my phone and camera but somehow all the fuzz - my 25th birthday, trip out of the city and celebrations with extra holidays confused my mind. Felt like I deserved to relax from computer, internet and virtual life. 

Maybe I say it on last days of every month but I can not believe that June is almost over !! For me summer has just started (and for weather it has not started yet) and here we are - 1/3 of summer, bye-bye ! This is going to be lo-ong post because I have so much to share since these two weeks were crazy full of EVERYTHING !

Past weeks were all about :


MY BIRTHDAY was grey and rainy but it does not matter because I was very happy that all my loved ones came to spend this Friday evening with me. Thank you all so much for your presence, smiles, unbelievably kind words, best wishes, fields of flowers (almost felt like graduation) and, of course, presents ! Hard to comprehend that I am 25 and all the grown-up stuff that I am so afraid of is on the way (you know, kids, retirement savings and maybe even driving licence :D).


THE WORK is always better with nice colleagues. Thank you so much, girls, for sweetening my day ! Still conquering those yummies.

THE EVENT I celebrated for first time - Summer Solstice. We gathered on a green hill near forest, where huge bonfire was lit and Latvian games played. These two days were a great getaway from the city. Under unforgivably many layers I was wearing beautiful summer dress that is my favourite piece for many seasons.


THE BOOK is finally finished - The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Frustenberg. She basically tells her whole life story from childhood with strict mother and huge complexes about her look, through ups and downs of her career (that gives a feeling of everything is possible) and fight with dreadful disease that led her to path of self-love and care. Recommend for every girl with big dreams !

THE MOVIE is another inspiration towards healthy eating.

THE VIDEO again about food, hah. This animation is so cute and touching - I almost cried in the end... and certainly did not want to eat meat for a whole day. If you stand on the edge of vegetarian lifestyle, I bet this will be the last push.


THE BUY I am most excited about - bag 3in1. I wanted this kind of bag since winter but there was always something wrong - either straps were too thin, or inside bag was too small or made from unpleasant material. Yet, I found this is one in Parfois and felt like it's perfect - with a small wallet and two sided tote. White is rocking my wardrobe this summer ! There was also super spontaneous hat buy while grocery shopping - check the look


THE YUMMIE - obviously, I could not choose just one. Firstly, it's my birthday cake, made by Tortes Fabrika. Everyone loved this carrot cake that reminded me of Christmas cake a little. Then there was burger with Līgo cheese and grilled chicken - special edition by Ghetto Burger dedicated to Midsummer Festival. There was also some cooking going on at home - strawberry smoothie 3 times a day (because we had to consume all those berries before leaving). What I am most happy about - homemade salads for dinner most of evenings. 


THE DETAIL made by my childhood friend. This dreamcatcher is one of my favourite decors in apartment.


THE LINK My Beauty Matches is a quick and fun way to see which products serve your complexion, hair type and event scent preferences. Complete easy test with answer options at the beginning and, voila, product suggestions in all price categories are in front of your eyes.

THE LINK I wanted to share for lo-ong time and there was never appropriate moment - Pet photos by A Beautiful Mess. These are the cutest animals !! You should be smiling right now :)

THE SONG I've been listening on headphones, dancing and singing by when home alone. New song by Enrique Iglesias never slips my playlist. I blame Mom for my music preferences, hah.

Wishing you all the sun and summer, waves of positive energy and happy state of mind ! Hugs & kisses !