Why Thousands of People Watch Shitty Videos


Recently I’ve stumbled upon some local Youtubers and experienced a virtual shock. Not mentioning any names, these videos were terrible and nevertheless had thousands of views and subscribers. 

I am a person who is totally unaware of online trends and watches those must-see videos only when rubbed in the face by friends (sometimes even forced to sit in front of screen). I watch, read and follow only those  that make my life better - inspire to eat more healthy, dress up more creatively, work harder, dream bigger and be kinder.

The weirdest thing was that these videos got hundreds of Likes AND pretty much the same amount of Dislikes. This makes no sense to me and I am asking myself WHY do people watch what they don’t LIKE?

1. To boost self-confidence
As we are living in a constant state of comparison, subconscious mind is working its way to naturally lift our mood up. It is so easy to criticise others, especially under zooming lens of camera in a cropped frame of life. The way others are talking and behaving, the things they talk about and believe in - it all may seem too stupid, too exaggerated, too foolish and too everything… Though look how smart, beautiful and well-behaved am I (pat ourself on a shoulder).

2. To be braver
People do crazy (and sometimes foolish) things that take courage and even more courage is needed to show them to the whole world. If they dared to put on the internet THIS, obviously MY actions are nothing in comparison.

3. To disconnect brain
There is no brainpower needed to watch a video with no particular message that do not push emotionally or mentally anywhere. Unfortunately, people’s minds are so full and tight after abnormally long workday that they want to calm them and choose this way of relaxation.

4. To dilute positivity
A concept that was told to me by one acquittance and is unbelievably true - when too much positive things happen, people are drawn towards negativity to balance positive and negative emotions. That’s why we want to listen to sad songs, watch cruel movies and, yes, dig into stupid videos.

Surely, everyone has their own ratings of inappropriate things and I do not want to offend anyone. There are times when efforts fail despite good intentions and the result is, let’s just say BAD. But other thing is conscious attempts to go downwards instead of lifting higher.

I wish to hear your thoughts on this subject ! You are welcome to leave your opinion in comments below !