Happy Details #42

This week was totally crazy but so awesome at the same time ! Though I do not have much to share wirelessly because the whole action was going on in real life. I feel like this week exceeded year's limit of change - I moved to a new office at work AND moved to a new apartment ! I was so keen to make my new place home that last few night were partly spent unpacking and settling in, so finally on a Sunday evening I can take a deep breath because basically it's done - all things found their places in new cupboards. 

Besides two huge moves (that took the biggest part of the week), this week was also about :

THE WORK - article in women magazine UNA. It was such a fun experience to meet stylist Dana Dombrovska ! I remember being a hu-uge fan of her many years ago when she was in Dancing with the Stars. Such a beautiful woman with so light energy and very interesting style !

THE BUY - Vanilla Body Butter from The Body Shop to sweeten summer days.


THE YUMMIE of the week are Fit Cakes ! My sister had birthday this week and if you think that fitness people do not eat cakes, you are fortunately wrong ! These are super fit cakes with protein, nuts, fruits and all the good stuff you can imagine and they tasted even much better that ordinary ones ! If you want some fit-spiration check my little sis' on Instagram @lailafitness.

THE DETAIL I am wearing - Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in a shade Dominant (any associations ?). I got it at 2 pm on beauty store Douglas "Beauty Days" and this picture was taken at 8 pm - after whole day of drinking (water !), eating (ok, not so much eating as barely snacking) and talking (much much !). The result is pretty amazing - the colour stays for 6 hours as promised !

THE LINK to the article about tilting life balance. What caught my attention the most - making life balance a goal it becomes just another chore that we struggle to do every day. The solution is to relax and tilt attention and time to life aspects when it is currently most needed.

THE SONG is somehow seducing, isn't it ?

Have a great next week ! Hugs & kisses !

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