Happy Details #47

Happy Details was always my Sunday thing. And here I am again on Monday night. It's not like I have some kind of contract to do certain things on certain times BUT this inconsistency makes me feel messy. I like order, traditions and rituals. I like to change them but it has to be my decision, not dictation of circumstances. Though if we think - everything is made out of our own decisions. When do we loose control of our lives ?

Apart from deep thoughts about the Universe, this week was all about :


THE LIFE this week was everchanging - on Monday it was desperately raining and I got absolutely wet twice and on Sunday it was blissfully sunny. Sun is always coming out after rain.


THE EVENT I was waiting for couple weeks and was so happy to attend - meeting with Alexandre Vassiliev, worldwide known fashion historian. The cafe at bookstore was crowded long before he arrived and he did not disappoint the crowd. Such a positive and energetic person - he answered all questions with unbelievable honesty. 


THE BOOK Fifty Shades of Darker finally is finished. Guess what's next on my reading list ? :D 

THE MOVIE Kingsman : the Secret Service is made for such James Bond fans as me. I would recommend it for a light humorous evening. Though there were moments I forgot what am I watching and viewed it as a serious action movie.

THE VIDEO of chicken sneezing - there is no day without animal pics or videos.


THE YUMMIE we made this week - pesto. It is as easy as "throw all ingredients in blender and mix". Recipe coming soon on the blog !


THE DETAIL Avenue du Champagne - is there such a place in France ? Who knows ? Found this sign in a bookstore where Alexandre Vassiliev meeting was held.

THE LINK to article You're Probably Type A-Minus by Man Repeller opened my eyes about the whole perfectionist thing. You know those people who seem perfect at almost everything ? But still, almost is not 100% - this is where I was confused. And here is the answer in little minus.