Life Should Not Be Struggle, Here Is Why


At the moment I feel like everyone around me is working at least twice as much as me (and I am not the laziest person !!). “I was working hard to get this / get where I am…”  is the most common expression of more or less successful people. Though we all have 24 hours per day. Is there any magic involved that I do not know about ?

Let the energy flow
All that we do is expression of our energy - without it we cannot move a finger or say a word. But we are not creating energy by ourselves, otherwise we could do it infinitely and live forever. I believe that there is one Universal source of energy and every person is a channel that it goes through. Do you know these straws filled with different flavours of sugar, so when you drink milk through, it adds vanilla, strawberry or chocolate taste ? I think that every person is like this straw. We let energy flow through us but in this process we add unique flavour, colour, sound, feeling. So, we just need to let this energy in, process through and out, right ?

Stopping fear of… ourselves
The more relaxed we are, the closest we can get to Universal source of energy. But when we are open to feel higher senses, we are also displayed to our inner selves. And this is scary. Because one by one our memories evolve, our suppressed emotions appear and our insecurities loom. Peaceful coexistence is impossible - the fight is unavoidable, and if you are not ready to deal with them, you better not open this box. That’s why we are putting constant business on it - work, parties, social media. The fuller the box, the heavier should the plug be. 

If we could just BE
Less expectations and more faith that everything will be as it should be - the best way it possibly could be. That we do not need fill calendar with gazillion small steps towards our big goals. That it is enough to see the big picture and rely on Universe getting us there - in the most convenient time and way. That people are more important than business. That we deserve rest even if we did not tick all points on daily to-do list. That life has meaning only if we feel love and happiness. 

We LIVE only when we are consciously present and enjoying those moments. What is the true lengths of your LIFE ?