Happy Details #49

Going through this weeks photos on my phone I realised that there are barely few new shots. What have I been doing all those seven days ? I remember eating icecream in the park, sitting by window while it was unbelievably raining, hanging in the city with friends... Guess, I was more into living in the moment than capturing the moment.

In very few happy details this week was all about : 

THE WORK I am happy to finally see printed - my article in Shape Latvia. Sharing with all of you my ups and downs while being on social media detox for 21 day. It was not "oh so perfect time" though it had its own benefits.

THE VIDEO that shows little glimpse into one of the most successful blogger's life. Chiara is young but so driven and strong woman who managed to build her own business and earn millions (of followers, likes and dollars).

THE YUMMIE of Saturday evening - Hungarian dish made in open air by our Romanian friend. 

THE DETAIL - still obsessed with the back of this dress.

THE LINK that will make you want to clean up your whole house immediately - Out of Sight Is Not Out of Mind. David truly inspires to to have less and gives some practical tips for your big clean-up.

THE SONG will hopefully bring you some sun too !

Have an amazing new week, Friends ! Let it be full of sunshine and joy !