Why You Should Always Put Yourself as a Priority


I am that kind of person who is willing to adapt, compromise and make sacrifices for good of others. Only this does not result in better outcome but always makes me less happy. How come, I ask myself ?

Everything comes and goes - we graduate schools, change workplaces, hangout places and even countries we live in. All of these University homeworks seemed so important and worth sleepless nights and stress but here we are few years further and it looks like crap… I vaguely remember any morning lecture that I rushed to but what I do remember are spontaneous parties despite exhaustion and DESPITE these morning lectures. I am not encouraging you ditch studies or any serious work to become a party animal ! What I want to say is that there are actually very, very few really SERIOUS moments that are worth stress and readjustment of ourselves like sleeping less than we want, skipping friend and family events or just enjoying ourselves. 

If you are a person who always stays true to yourself and does not change in different companies - congratulations ! More or less all of us are social chameleons - we dress appropriately for a setting, sometimes we do not express our opinion loudly and moreover - how many times have we pressed ourselves in relationships ? Just to make another person feel more comfortable, to avoid a fight, to make living more smooth. But it is a temporary relief, because every time you readjust yourself, makes a little drop of resentment in the cup that gradually becomes full and overflows. Moreover, the other person NEVER appreciates sacrifice, except when it is a special request. Your sacrifice may not be even noticed because it is not expected. And then, circumstances change, you break up, move, loose friends and realise that there was absolutely no point in any of these readjustments. On contrary, if you always stay true to yourself - really listening to your emotions, intuition and thoughts, you will feel harmony, thus happiness - and people around you will be attracted by the positive vibe you share unconsciously. And they will not be mad if you are late for a party because of a yoga class but respect your lifestyle and choices.

… which does not mean parties, unlimited shopping or skyrocket fast metabolism that allows to eat cupcakes for dinner and have abs. Happiness is finding peace and harmony inside yourself. And first step to do that, is to connect with your inner self, truly listen to your body and intuition. There will be obstacles and there SHOULD be problems because this is the only way for us to grow and become wiser. The goal is to stand in the middle of tornado - when everything is whirling around centre. Do not compromise your little happy moments - whether it is a longer nap on Sunday morning, taking a walk in the middle of workday or calling best friend despite the long to do list. It should be absolutely acceptable to skip an event because you don’t feel like going out, or to spend less money on a present than you “should” because you can’t afford it right now. 

I do believe that all diseases start in our heads - every negative thought is a seed and when watered with emotions of sadness, resentment, anger and others from that side (you name it), they grow and outburst into illnesses. That people die from, eventually. The only opponent and saviour is happiness. But it is not a big balloon of good feeling. It is a puzzle of small everyday pieces that we either spot or not. The conclusion - notice little happy moments or create them by yourself ! Fill yourself with drops of happiness and soon you will outshine it ! Feel like going out without makeup ? Want to read new magazine instead of finishing work ? Want to take a bath instead of cooking dinner ? WHY NOT ? Most people will not care about your makeup, maybe reading magazine will give you the needed relaxation and you will finish the work faster afterwards, and the dinner will definitely taste better if you cook in a relaxed and happy mood !

Although, this may seem as I am teaching you to do this or that but actually I am writing this post more of a reminder to myself. Living in harmony with myself means listening to inner self despite outer circumstances. It means knowing yourself and finding strengths to carry you the way you are in this world. I hope we will make it. All of us.