Happy Details #46

The first hot day of summer is like : Yeeey ! I will sunbathe and wear my short summer dresses and eat ice-cream in park ! The second hot day is like : Meah, where is the shadow ?! I won't go out until 8 pm !. Nevertheless, sun makes me happier. And relaxed. I wish I could go out more and spend days by sea or lake, in a garden or just meadow... 

This week was all about :


I FEEL exactly like this. Lazy, half-sleepy and making strange moves in musical accompaniment that could be labeled as dance only by very loose parameters. Summer has hit me and I want to be a lazy cat.


THE EVENT Presentation of Cake Book by Anna Panna was lovely. Sparkling wine, mini cupcakes and many eyepleasing (& Instagram-pleasing) details.


THE BOOK Fifty Shades of Darker did not let me go to sleep last night until 2 am. The last third is breathtaking and I am waiting for the movie.

THE MOVIE Cinderella (2015) is light, bright and colourful. "Courage and kindness" I will learn from Cinderella.

THE VIDEO greeting wedding season. I have one to attend too soon !


THE YUMMIE I am obsessed with today - White Chocolate with Berries. Somebody, stop me !! Another discovery for me - salads with green leaves, veggies and fruits. Usually I prefer to eat clean - not even mixing carbs with protein (like meat and rice), so this is little confusing. But so delicious !


THE DETAIL my favourite spot in Riga since childhood was promenade by this fountain in Riga centre. There are spots when you can not pass without being watered. Feels like a bless on hot days.

THE LINK 100 Best Photos of Cats - every picture is worth a million. I was laughing loud !

THE SONG Money on You by Ivy Fox caught my ear when watching Fashion Bloggers and is repeatedly played. Btw, S01 - done.