Happy Details #50

Hello, August. You come too soon. In Latvia, this month usually brings thoughts of autumn. But since there was no real summer yet... oh, it's too sad to talk about it. At least I have no distractions (in form of sun and daydreams about laying on the beach) that could interrupt my work. 

Yesterday night we went out with few friends and our night turned out to be mo-ore fun than I expected. Coming home at 5 am pretty much verifies it. Now it's almost 6 pm and I feel quite morning-is. This long forgotten feeling. I must admit - it feels good.

This week was all about :

THE WORK in a creative field is usually full with inner struggles and stress. I am so trying to be as far as possible from this drawing.

THE BOOK Family Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin SharmaI suggest to read first The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari because the same Monk comes back again here with new wisdom. The book is like a summary on how to lead happy family life (and the word lead is the most imporant here !).

THE VIDEO that starts with words I Believe in Pink has to be on Peppercakes. I may take it as my slogan, ha.

THE BUY I was craving for long time - Inglot Palette. I have these 2 eyeshadows and 2 lipcolours that I was craving to store in the palette because it would be much easier to use them. Doh. Still not using them. Just watching delightfully how pretty it looks in my make-up case.  

THE YUMMIE Clean and Natural Rye Cookies may not look nor super tasty, nor healthy BUT they are both ! Simply packed and plain looking they taste healthy and have the perfect level of sweetness. They are free from preservatives which is always a big plus !

THE DETAIL I am obsessed with - perfume Seaside Woman by Toni Gard. It is the perfect Latvian summer scent - easy like sea wind, fresh like a slice of lemon in cold water with a hint of forest smell somewhere deep. 

THE SONG for a light and positive mood. For a day after party.