Happy Details #53

Hellou, my lovely ones ! Happy Sunday to you all ! Hope you are having sunny, relaxing and cheerful day. As for me - I got sick at the beginning of the week and stayed at home for two days, that felt like infinity. On Friday was my Name Day which included tiny bit of celebration. Therefore the workweek felt really short for me. The best feeling ever.  

Yesterday I was enjoying beautiful day in the park by a river and in the evening I was interviewing one very inspiring young girl for the upcoming editorial in a magazine - you will see it very soon ! Oh, she's such a babe - our talk went far after the recorder was off and ice lattes finished. 

Other happy details I managed to snap this week :

MATCHING SHIRTS by TruFixCru. Mine was hanging in the closet on my Name Day's morning !

GOLD COLLECTION by Michael Kors is hitting stores in September. These fresh and luxurious scents were rocking my week.

A MOMENT OF SOLITUDE after crazy and tiring day that included running around the city, shopping, photographing and unnecessary stressing. I think it was the first time I sat in a cafe alone. Felt so good, I want to repeat.

Very precisely noticed. But on the other hand - do we, girls, live through these stages on different points in our lives ? I tried to search for something similar about boyfriends but couldn't find adequately cool one.