Happy Details #51

Heey, Friends ! This week was pretty hot, right ? I hope you enjoyed every bit of sunshine - I tried as much as possible. Finally, it feels like summer is here... in the middle of August. Strange things happened this week - every day happened one thing that I was dreaming about some time before. Saying this, I want to encourage you dream, fantasise and imagine your happy life because there is power that makes a dream come true !

This week was all about :


WHITE SHIRT has become my favourite piece of clothing.


MY ARTICLE in magazine Una - looking into closet of Dita Danosa, creator of Latvian brand concept store Taste Latvia. 


PICNIC on the lake side. The best way to spend Friday evening.


Trying MADARA creams - review soon on the blog.


BRUNCH at the new restaurant SpārnosUnfortunately, I did not have my camera with me, so it's the only iPhone snap I have. But believe my words - the place is super cute with hint of Provence style and many details. 


Amazing day on the BEACH with the most beautiful sunset. I was so happy to finally spend a day on the sea side !

MOVIE She's Funny That Way is a modern version of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Reminds me of Woody Allen directing style where the accent is put on wonderful actors, smart script and vintagy cinematography. Perfect movie for Sunday evening.

Wishing you successful new week and lots of love ! Stay happy !