What book are you reading now ?

Why am I not reading books? - I asked myself tonight. Currently I am stuck in the middle of Fifty Shades Freed (the 3rd book). It's not like I am not reading at all. Actually, I feel the opposite way - I am reading WHOLE DAY.

Wasting precious time and wonderful ability on Instagram comments, Facebook updates, Snapchat titles and constantly growing amount of my favourite blog posts + texts, messages and emails (thankfully Twitter is not involved) (I don't know what is it, but I don't find Twitter amusing / entertaining / addicting). So at the end of the day my brain rejects written words on either paper or screen. 

Maybe I should read a book first thing in the morning ? I know people who take 1 hour during morning time to read a book (not a magazine or internet post !). Or just plan in my daily routine an hour for reading a book ? I think that could work for me...

I really want to hear about your reading habits ! Do you prefer paper books or e-books ? Are you buying books or taking from library / downloading ? Do you like lending books ? And most important - what are your currently favourite books ?