Happy Details #55

Well, hello there ! I've been all swept in work and work and one more time - weeerk. I feel like there are actually not enough details to share with you every week. Though this sentece scares me because it means that during 7 days (168 hours !!) I do not experience enough happy moments (?!). 

Now I am basically throwing together all pictures since the last post, enjoy this chaotic (and Happy) list !

The Intern is the reason I decided to write Happy Details today because this movie so good I want to scream YOU HAVE TO SEE IT !. Sorry for my emotions #sorrynotsorry. It's funny, sincere and relatable for all generations (take your parents to cinema). The best way to spend Saturday morning !

I've started my #100happydays challenge ! I will be posting pictures on Instagram. This is my second attemp and hopefully on the 1st January I will have pretty joyful collage. Btw, this picture was taken on Day 1 during my preparation for special photoshoot (coming soon !). P.S. in love with the lip colour !

I've already mentioned my obsession with cappuccinos and it's still going on. Small, creamy coffee filled drink is the happy detail of every day. This one is special, as at that time I hid from huge Friday morning rain in an extremely cozy place called Spārnos. After very busy week I felt overwhelmed and sleepy and this little me time got me feeling so good (almost like a cat). Never forget to spoil yourself - both physically and mentally as it will give you energy and inspiration !


I had an opportunity to take part in a filming of a commercial and though it was a small role, I was so-o happy to be back on filming set. It was cold, windy and constantly raining but nothing swept away my excitement.

Always wanted to make this shot. Finally found THE floor.

There are very few paintings I appreciate but these bright and cheerful colours caught me. Wouldn't mind hanging it in my future house.

The best collection for winter - Vintage Teas. 

Met my sweet friend Viktorija for a cup of cocoa at this fantastic place Parunāsim. Unfortunately, it was dark outside already and there was not enough light to take pictures, so hopefully, I will visit the place again equipped with my camera.

As much as I love writing on the blog, printed magazines have their charm (like paper books, you know what I mean). This month you can find my article in fashion magazine Pastaiga (the first one but hopefully not last one !). The interview with young and super-inspiring girl who got herself from the lowest point in life to level where she is being recognised on streets. She is the example of self-love and self-respect. Her words echo in my head from time to time making me pay more attention to my personal well-being instead of worrying about others all the time.

Homemade pancakes on Sunday morning are the best. It took me 40 minutes to make them but as long as you consider this time as a way of meditation (looking into depth of pan kind a way of meditiation), it's all good. 

In case you were looking for an easy, guilt-free recipe - here is one. And the fact that model is cooking them, makes the meal even more desirable. Or is it just me ?

Have you already checked wooden bikes made in Latvia ? Look at some pictures from the presentation HERE.

Cheesy sushi. Of course, it's not their official name. Funny how two things I love to eat - sushi and cheese are combined in one. Talking about cheese...

I mean, YEEESSS !!! 

Last but not least, for all us, Insta-people. Just don't take it too seriously !

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