Happy Details #54

I know it is not a typical time for Happy Details edition that was my Sunday tradition for months... It is Monday / Tuesday night, I don't feel like sleeping and realised that I really miss this place. Peppercakes was created as a virtual storage of happiness and inspiration that anyone can access. It always felt as I got back ten times more good vibes than I put in here. 

Lately I've been feeling uninspired to do any creative work in my free time. I did not want to push or do things automatically because in this case result always lacks this magical sparkle. Maybe it was rain (or paddle that I accidentally stepped into and felt more sad and desperate than angry) or wine (that I accidentally drank before Wednesday) that made me want to recollect happy moments and shine some light on this grey day.

Bundling together best of the best from last week, the one before... and everything since August 23.


NYX Thailand reposted my photo. Ha-Ha.

One of the last summer evenings spent on a rooftop with my sister. Coffee & the view.

PITCH PERFECT 2 is wa-ay better than the first part. Oh, I love musicals. They are always so positive !

The opening of exhibition Survival K(n)it. Awkwardly biting my lip.

Favourite flower. Never understood why nobody had given me those for birthdays (not complaining) (but it would be nice).

If you are following fashion events, here are 10 designers you need to know before NYFW.

Looking for some Autumn make-up inspiration ? Look what MAC offers us.

Currently watching Bunheads Season 2. Though first episodes are slow, sad and almost make you quit the show, the story becomes really nice and simply relaxing. Who wants more drama in the free time ?!

Stay happy, positive and love each other. See ya on Instagram.