RECIPE : Rucola & Parsley Pesto

Miks was the one who introduced me to the world of sauces. Before that I was happily living with a narrow choice between olive oil, mustard and tomato sauce. Now I can not imagine cooked meat without Barbecue Sauce and my latest obsession is pesto, everywhere.

RECIPE : My top 3 Brunches

Weekend is almost here and this means we are going to sleep late, chill in bed even little more and crave for something TASTY. For last couple of month my morning meals we pretty much alike - I have few favourite recipes in my arsenal which I was cooking depending on mood and product availability. I like to start the day with healthy and protein packed meal because I never know where my weekday will lead me and will I have an opportunity to have proper meal afterwards. Besides, it sets the healthy tone for brain and body that they will (hopefully !) follow onwards !

RECIPE : French Toast for New Year's Day Brunch

You know what they say - the way you meet New Year, will be the way you spend next year. Looks like my 2015 will be stress - free, tasty and spent with my loved ones (fingers crossed !). For me 1st January was always a part of celebration too. It is the first day of a new year, that we were waiting so much, so I usually like to dress up a little and continue festive mood for just a moment longer.

RECIPE : Christmas Cake

All I Want For Christmas Is ... Christmas Cake ! (And, You, of course, my dear ;))

This year I am being super lazy during festive preparation season. I decided not to bake gingerbread cookies as suddenly the old recipe became very complicated. But Christmas Cake is something very special for me and taking into account that this recipe is quite easy and quickly to prepare (except the baking time - but it concerns only oven), I gathered myself on Saturday afternoon and just did it.

RECIPE : Apple & Pumpkin Jam

I have been preparing this jam for last 5 years already and since it is very popular amongst our family, relatives and friends who were getting bigger and smaller jars as Christmas presents, I could not skip this season too ! As I had a free Sunday, I decided to spend some time in a place that had not seen me for a long time - kitchen. With help of my Mom, we made huge pot of Apple & Pumpkin Jam and here we are, one step closer to Christmas mood ...

Macaroons Cooking Class

I bet you've noticed these little, round, colourful pieces of heaven - in coffee shops, confectionaries and of course on Instagram feed - because they are not just amazingly tasteful but also unforgivably photogenic. Macaroons are like a trend - a sweet pleasure that has no guilt (but ONLY if you share it on Instagram !!). 

RECIPE : Secret Recipe of Healthy Oat Cookies

What a grey and windy day it is ! When it is so unpleasant being outside, I usually seek for even  more comfort and warmth indoors. Darker and colder evenings little by little start opening cooking - baking season which gradually flows into "winter-holidays' specials" but let's not fly so far yet ! 

RECIPE : Light Snack with Fig

When making a step towards healthy eating habits, my biggest fear was missing desserts, sweets and all tasty things. Lucky for me (and for everyone !), I found out the secret which is carefully kept in Fitspiration society : HEALTHY IS TASTY. Ok, there is no such secret group but the truth still remains ! 

RECIPE : Apple Pie

Today we had a festive family breakfast for a reason that it is Tuesday, September 16th (as you understand - for no actual reason). I woke up very early as usual (not even mentioning time cause the number is right between 5 and 7) and still did not feel good enough for my morning cardio but healthy enough to bake a pie (does this even make sense for fit / healthy lifestyle ?!). I've decided to combine my usual breakfast ingredients into a slightly different form and while everyone was sleeping, headed to the kitchen !

RECIPE : Variation on a Theme Tiramisu

Happy name day to all Lindas around the world (I know that there are a lot of us !). I usually do not cook, except holidays and special occasions when I suddenly feel irresistible desire to enter kitchen, cut, mix, bake and afterwards gather my beloved ones around delicious dessert (my specialisation !).

RECIPE : What Are You Drinking This Summer ?

Hot hello, my dear Friends ! Finally summer came to Latvia and seems as if it is feeling guilty for such a cold and rainy June and kicking it now on maximum (dear summer, you are overdoing a little !!). I am in a total vacation mood - hanging around with friends, sunbathing, reading, watching movies and just enjoying the moment of freedom.