RECIPE : Secret Recipe of Healthy Oat Cookies


What a grey and windy day it is ! When it is so unpleasant being outside, I usually seek for even  more comfort and warmth indoors. Darker and colder evenings little by little start opening cooking - baking season which gradually flows into "winter-holidays' specials" but let's not fly so far yet ! 

This Oat Cookie recipe is made in our kitchen quite often - as a present, for a festive dessert or just for a cozy weekend afternoon. This recipe was created by fitness trainer, fit and healthy lifestyle representative and just beautiful young girl - Laila Vesate (who happens to be my sister too !). We have kept this recipe as our little sister-secret but now we felt like the time has come to share it with the world ! 


INGREDIENTS (makes 2 plates) :

100 g melted oats

70 g whole grain oats

180 g low fat cottage cheese

1 egg yolk

3 egg whites

raisins, pitted prunes

cinnamon powder

(optional : stevia / vanilla sugar)


Mix yolk and egg whites with mixer, add cottage cheese, oats, cinnamon powder and mix once again until consistency is smooth. Add raisins and chopped prunes.

Note : for extra sweetness you can add stevia or vanilla sugar. Those who are used to clean eating and no salt - no sugar diet will be perfectly satisfied with sweetness from dried fruits, but  otherwise some people find the taste little plain.

Bake in oven for 12-15 min in 150 C degrees until cookies look golden brown.


Melted oats are great as a replacement for regular flour while whole grain oats add texture and kind of visual signature for "Oat Cookies". Low fat cottage cheese makes cookies more soft (don't expect crunchiness, sorry !) and adds up a doze of protein which will make you feel more satisfied. My knowledge of nutrition facts ends here but you can get more advanced healthy and fit inspiration on Laila's Instagram !


Have a wonderful and warm evening, enjoy healthy and tasty snacks in a lovely company ! Bon Appétit, dear Friends !