RECIPE : Apple & Pumpkin Jam


I have been preparing this jam for last 5 years already and since it is very popular amongst our family, relatives and friends who were getting bigger and smaller jars as Christmas presents, I could not skip this season too ! As I had a free Sunday, I decided to spend some time in a place that had not seen me for a long time - kitchen. With help of my Mom, we made huge pot of Apple & Pumpkin Jam and here we are, one step closer to Christmas mood ...

When I mentioned to my best friend that I am preparing a post with recipe of my jam, she was extremely surprised and even shocked that I am revealing my secret recipe and now everyone will be able to make my special sweet - treat. But I believe in sharing good stuff and, ohmy, Friends, I hope you will prepare few jars for yourself, because I will not be able to provide all of you with winter stock !

The recipe is quite simple and has few ingredients. I do not claim to be the inventor but I also do not remember where do this recipe come from - although from season to season I modified it a little in terms of species. At the beginning it was only cinnamon (which works out pretty well too, if you do not have / like other species) but now I got to adding melted nutmeg and cardamon too - for more rich Christmas-y taste. I always use special sugar for jam making, as it requires only half of usual amount and thus is healthier but as sweet as usual ! 


Ingredients :

1.8 kg apples

0.8 kg pumpkin

1.3 kg Dan Sukker jam sugar

2 tsp cinnamon (or more !)

1 tsp cardamon

1 tsp nutmeg


Preparation :

1. Chop apples and pumpkin ! I did not peel apples because their skin is quite thin and has lots of vitamins too (and because I am lazy, he).

2. Put apple and pumpkin pieces in the biggest boiler you have !

3. Add sugar and little bit of water so that bottom layer does not burn !

4. Boil on medium heat until you like the consistency ! The recipe on sugar pack says 10-15 min but depending on how hard-working you were while chopping, this may take up to 30 min.

5. When jam is almost ready, add melted cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamon and boil couple of minutes more !

6. Chill the jam and put into jars !

7. Save one spoon for tasting ! (ok, maybe MORE than one !). 


So, Friends, you might have noticed what you will get from me soon ! Have a sweet start of the week !