Macaroons Cooking Class


Photos by : MIKS RAMĀNS

Nails by : Kichy Kuko

I bet you've noticed these little, round, colourful pieces of heaven - in coffee shops, confectionaries and of course on Instagram feed - because they are not just amazingly tasteful but also unforgivably photogenic. Macaroons are like a trend - a sweet pleasure that has no guilt (but ONLY if you share it on Instagram !!). 

Here, in Riga, we have one great girl Anna Panna who bakes so delicious and beautiful cakes that they literally make you happy. Moreover, Anna Panna is kind enough to open the door to her kitchen - sharing her skills and knowledge in cooking classes. I have never been to such an event and had no idea what to expect - piles of smokey pots, students with aprons instead of notepads, salad bushes in every corner ? Well, you know these parties when guests gather in a kitchen or garden and cook meal for dinner as a part of an evening entertainment ? This is what it felt like - in a very relaxed atmosphere people are mixing ingredients, chatting and (by-the-way) learning few cooking secrets. 

Macaroons are as simple as egg whites, almond flour and sugar combined in a smooth paste. And with Anna Panna it is even easier because all ingredients are already measured and waiting for you in small bowls (plus there is no dishwashing afterwards - from now on I am cooking only in Anna's kitchen !!). Other happy details to mention : everyone gets a nice apron and there are snacks and tea spot made on a stump !

I chose pink for my macaroons but in the end all group decided to mismatch colours and fillings and everyone got a box full of rainbows. I did not become a macaroons chef overnight, but oh my, now I know what a real macaroon tastes like ! Nom nom that was one delightful weekend spent in bed with a box of macaroons ...