RECIPE : Apple Pie


Today we had a festive family breakfast for a reason that it is Tuesday, September 16th (as you understand - for no actual reason). I woke up very early as usual (not even mentioning time cause the number is right between 5 and 7) and still did not feel good enough for my morning cardio but healthy enough to bake a pie (does this even make sense for fit / healthy lifestyle ?!). I've decided to combine my usual breakfast ingredients into a slightly different form and while everyone was sleeping, headed to the kitchen !


I am writing ingredients for one person's serving, so just multiply them with the number of eaters :

40g oatmeal flour - or just mill whole grain oatmeals in coffee grinder

70g low-fat cottage cheese 

1 egg

1/2 apple



Blend all ingredients in blender or with mixer and pour into baking form. Slice apple and put on top (or like I did - on bottom, because this form is supposed to be pulled upside down). Bake in the oven for 15-20 min in 130 C degrees.


Baked pie will have quite light colour, but do not worry about that ! 


As you've noticed, the pie does not have any sugar or other sweeteners in it, so the taste might feel a little plain. I suggest to offer a variety of "sauces" so everyone can combine the best taste and level of sweetness (because in my case - I usually overdo sweetening of a dessert, ups !). Today I opted for these 3 additives : dandelion honey (lo-ove it and use it everywhere and everytime !), blended cranberries (stole one box from winter-supply in freezer) and peanut butter (no comments required, hi). Little secret : combining peanut butter and honey will make your taste buds explode in happiness !


This pie is quick and easy to make (as everything I cook) and healthy as it possibly could be - cottage cheese and eggs provides necessary amount of protein while oatmeals serve as slow carbs. Apple gives vitamins and little sugar for morning wakeup call and optional sweeteners boosts up mood and makes morning time more pleasant even for such owls like me !


We had the loveliest morning time with my girls, enjoying healthy and delicious meal, chatting and feeling festive for no reason than having each other on a beautiful sunny day. It did take just tiny bit of effort but made such a big difference to our mood and thus the whole following day. 

So if you have no reason NOT to celebrate, then you have all right to celebrate the day ! Sending the best wishes and lots of love, my dear Friends !