RECIPE : Variation on a Theme Tiramisu


Happy name day to all Lindas around the world (I know that there are a lot of us !). I usually do not cook, except holidays and special occasions when I suddenly feel irresistible desire to enter kitchen, cut, mix, bake and afterwards gather my beloved ones around delicious dessert (my specialisation !). Today I wanted to make a recipe which I accidentally invented on one long summer evening - extremely easy, fast, light, cheap and healthy (and vegan ! sounds perfect, doesn't it ?). Because of layered structure it reminds me of Tiramisu but lower in fat and calories = guilt free, so I wanted to call it "Variation on Theme Tiramisu" (like in music - variation on a theme Paganini - sounds exquisite !). 

Sharing my recipe with you ! I made 5 servings with this amount of ingredients, but you can vary proportions depending on cup sizes and taste preferences !


Ingredients (5 servings) :

4 rice cakes 

2 nectarines 

3 soya puddings 

handful of blueberries 

5 tsp honey (for extra sweetness !)


Preparation : crush a piece of rice cake, layer it with soya pudding, put a slice of nectarine and repeat ! 


On a top layer, which for me was a nectarine round, I put a teaspoon of honey (what can I say - Linda - Winnie-the-Pooh, love honey !) and decorated with blueberries. A little secret : try to put a layer of peanut butter ! No more comments required - taste it and you will understand me ! Rest cups in fridge for at least an hour so all ingredients can melt and become soft and creamy.


And finally get them out of fridge, pour a glass of red wine, settle yourself in a warm and comfortable place and enjoy an evening with your closest ones ! Apart from computers, phones and virtual life - just real people, sincere talks and delicious food. 

Thank you my dears for your wishes ! I wish that you will also get all the great things you wished for me !